About Us

Welcome to foodworthfeed – a recipe and food photography blog created by my husband and myself, Scott and Taylor Woodworth.

Taylor and Scott Woodworth sell at the Seine River in Paris, France
One of the few moments Scott and Taylor were without cheese or pastries while traveling France in 2015.

What once began as a hobby (to help pass the time of the extended quarantine of 2020) soon evolved into a continuation of education, a dream of working without limitations, and a glimmer of hope – fueled by a compilation of our passions and… well, butter.

Debuting the fruits of our labor in February of 2021, foodworthfeed was born. With this project, Scott and I are devoted to sharing our adventures in the kitchen and beyond. Foodworthfeed is a collection of original recipes inspired by our own experiences – whether it be our travels, our childhood kitchens’, or our late-night cravings. 


I grew up in New Hampshire and have always been drawn to the wonderment of a home-cooked meal. I have been baking, cooking, creating, decorating and playing with food for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until this blog that I have begun to truly develop and record my own recipes. It is my hope that by creating these recipes, that I can offer as much joy and warmth to your kitchen as Scott and I have known in our own. 

Scott grew up in Connecticut and has found himself happily behind the lens for most of his life. From his young basement dark room days with his dad, to his breath-taking landscape shots from around the world – it wasn’t until recently that Scott discovered his most scrumptious subject yet: food.

When he isn’t busy tinkering with his camera, dishwashing or taste testing – he is creating his own craft beverage concoctions. With the same care and love that you will find in all our food recipes – Scott’s tasty cocktails and libations will bring cheers to your threshold.

Scott and I first met while working in restaurants in the Boston area in 2013. We fell in love over late-night pizza under the New England stars. In 2015, we relocated to the sunny Rocky Mountain foothills of Denver, Colorado. We were married in 2019 and now live with our sweet boy – a one year old lab mix rescue, Ash Quarantino. When Scott and I are not serving in a local restaurant dining room, or gathering to indulge in our own kitchen, you can find us giggling at our goofy pup in the dog park. 

Puppy photo of foodworthfeed's star employee, Ash Quarantino
This is one of the first photos of the ever-lovable Ash Quarantino, circa March 2020.

Our Recipes

The recipes of foodworthfeed are simply a compilation of the foods we love to eat. While you may find the occasional one-pot or thirty minute meal, these recipes are, by in large, a celebration of whole foods, careful preparations and beautiful presentations.

These recipes have been developed on the belief that when you create something from scratch – in your own home, with your own hands – that your mind, body and soul (and all of those of whom you share your creations with) are better for it. We strive to honor the season’s bounty with dependable recipes featuring quality ingredients that embrace the distinct joy of sharing good food with good people.

We believe that home-cooked, love-tended foods are almost always superior to their store-bought counterparts. You will rarely find many shortcuts, heavily-processed foods or quick kitchen hacks on the foodworthfeed. Instead, what you will find is that with a little extra time, a little extra care, and a touch of insight explaining tried-and-true techniques, you too, can create scratch-made magic in your kitchen. 

The recipes of foodworthfeed are all original creations from our own home and catered to our own tastes but we have been inspired, enlightened and encouraged by so many people, places and plates. From the gooey-centered nostalgia of our childhood kitchens, to the pristine plates of fine-dining, to thirty-five cent, paper-wrapped street snacks of lands abroad… From the esteemed, formally-trained, white-coated chefs, to the hungry, gifted line cooks, to the dishwashers that scratch-made us the best family meals we ever had… From the curious bartenders, to the budding gastronomers, to the artisan bakers, cook-book writers and food enthusiasts – foodworthfeed is for you.

Scott and Taylor Woodworth smiling at the summit of a Colorado hike
When they’re not in the kitchen, Scott and Taylor are taking advantage of Colorado’s endless trails and infinite beauty.

Food as Art 

Scott and I have long admired the beauty of the bounty. It is here, with food photography, that Scott and I’s deepest passions intersect and we are so proud to share the results with all of you. Our images are curated under the Colorado sunlight shining through the windows of our own home, featuring our self-made recipes, styled, shot and edited by – you guessed it, us. It is our hope foodworthfeed can be a feast for your eyes as well as your bellies. 

With love from our table to yours,
Taylor & Scott Woodworth

Want to Work With Us?

Foodworthfeed is happy to collaborate with the people and brands we love. We offer freelance services, sponsored content and brand collaborations for recipe development, food writing, food styling, product reviews and, of course, food photography. Please, feel free to reach out for more information.